If you’re anything like my main man, Ben, no morning is complete without a coffee kick. When that earthy aroma flirts with your senses and the first hit of dark matter slides down the back of your throat, life starts.


If by some misfortune your all-important coffee ritual gets skipped, your day never quite hits its stride. You’ve missed a vital step and it’s unsettling.


This unfortunate situation is particularly common amongst travellers, especially those who venture off the beaten path. A corner café or roadside bean machine isn’t always easy to find (even if you have the nose of Bloodhound). Quality is another important matter all together.


Travellers rejoice! There is a solution. It’s called Handpresso, and it might just be the best invention to hit the coffee machine market. Thanks to this nifty little gadget, my husband survived 10 weeks at Everest Base Camp. Electricity was sketchy, there wasn’t a sit down toilet in sight, but a top grade espresso was always on hand.


Handpresso successfully combines quality and mobility, delivering moments of coffee bliss anytime, anywhere – including the top of the world. Before you chuck one in your rucksack, here’s the lowdown on this genius creation, and bloody brilliant gift idea.


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Processed with Snapseed.




In a nutshell, Handpresso is a portable espresso machine, which comes in manual and electric variations to suit different lifestyles. My husband uses the manual Handpresso Pump, which is great for travellers who are always on the go. There’s also an electric Handpresso Auto, which operates off a cigarette charger, for those who spend a decent chunk of time in a motor vehicle. Both machines cater for pods and ground coffee, and can be bought stand alone or as part of a beautifully packaged kit.



As the name suggests, a Handpresso Pump functions like a bicycle pump. You thrust the unit full of pressure by hand, about 30 strokes to reach 16 bar. Next, you fill the unit with a coffee pod or freshly ground coffee (packed solid) as well as boiling water to the level indicator. Finally, you place the Pump over a cup, press the magic button and wallah! A delicious espresso is ready for you to enjoy (or add ingredients to) in just a few seconds. Unlike the Pump version, the Handpresso Auto boils its own water and produces its own pressure. Essentially, it does all of the ‘hard’ work for you.


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It can take a little trial and error to get the perfect espresso. Results can fluctuate depending on the coffee grind and water temperature. When it comes to the Pump machine, you need to have access to boiling water, which can be tricky depending on the nature and location of your travels. Of course, you also need to have your preferred coffee ingredients on hand (e.g. milk and sugar), which can cause storage challenges.



It’s compact, durable, sexy and ultra convenient, giving you the freedom to enjoy great coffee at your leisure. It can also save you a small fortune on store-bought coffees.



Check out the company’s website here if you’d like to buy a Handpresso online, or check out their list of registered distributors here.




Thank you to the lovely Handpresso team in Avon, France, for taking us on a tour of your head office and showing us where the magic happens. It was inspiring to see how much love and ingenuity has gone into this clever gadget, which has become my husband’s favourite travel accessory and the star of many impromptu product demonstrations. Keep the coffee brilliance coming! 

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