When it comes to gifts, many of us value experiences more than ‘stuff’ (or, dust collectors, as I like to call

them). For me, travel-based experiences are the cream of the crop. Dog-sledding in Russia, dining with giraffe’s

in Kenya, gazing at the Northern Lights from a private igloo, sleeping amongst the mantas in Zanzibar…these

moments instil pure joy, build character and create memories that last a lifetime.


Experiences are what make our life story. The more we see and so, the more enriching our story. That’s why

it’s important to leave our routine lives from time to time and indulge in moments of discovery. So, this

Christmas, give the gift of experiences – give your loved ones an excuse to play outside of their norm and

indulge their inner explorer.


While there are plenty of experience gift retailers just a short click away, I’m a big fan of Tinggly. A few days

ago, a Tinggly Gift Box found its way to my doorstep and made one of my bucket list dreams come true.

Thanks to a loved one, I’m now looking forward to exploring Tokyo’s subculture scene with my very own

Manga Maid. I’m beyond excited!




So, what is Tinggly?

Essentially, it’s an online experience gift retailer. But, there are a few features which make it extra special.

Firstly, as a buyer, you simply choose a category of experiences (e.g. essential, premium or ultimate) based on

your budget. It’s the gift recipient who gets to choose the specific activity based on their own interests. Tinggly’s menu

of options covers hundreds of epic experiences in more than 100 countries. For these reasons, it’s

practically impossible for someone not to love a Tinggly Gift Box. It will always come in handy and recipients

have 24 months to choose how they’re going to put it to good use.


Any extra perks?

Speedy delivery: Based on your time preferences, you can send a Tinggly gift in a variety of ways. The Gift Box

option takes 1-2 business days to arrive in the post – pretty speedy if you ask me. If you need a gift in a hurry, a

Tinggly e-voucher can be emailed to you instantly. Forward it on or print and present it to your loved one – you



Packed with love: I’m a big fan of Tinggly’s branding and design. I can see it’s earthy gift box with bright blue

font becoming iconic – something people look forward to receiving, just like a little blue box from Tiffany’s (I’d

take travel over diamonds any day!). The process of opening a Tinngly gift box is an experience in itself – a

micro-journey filled with love and anticipation. To make things even more meaningful, Tinggly’s e-vouchers

and gift boxes can be personalised with messages and/or company logos.


A world of opportunity: Tinggly has done all of the hard work, uncovering the world’s best experiences, which

are guaranteed to create happy memories that last a lifetime. Catering for a broad range of interests, they’ve

handpicked an eclectic collection of activities, which cover everything from adventure to culture and relaxation to

adrenalin-fuelled fun. Some experiences are for solo travellers, whilst others are perfect for couples, friends

and families.


Keepin’ it simple: While there’s a lot on offer, the shopping experience is ultra-convenient for Tinggly gift givers

and receivers. Gift givers just need to pick a budget range ($79, $119 or $279), write a personal message

and choose a delivery method. They don’t need to stress about picking the perfect experience, as the gift

recipient gets to choose the adventure of their dreams. Thanks to a handy map function, this step is easy

peasy. Travellers simply zoom in on their country of interest, browse through the available activities, select

and go!




This Christmas, make your loved ones feel all Tinggly – give them the opportunity to ‘choose their own

adventure’. A Tinggly gift box is the perfect way to make a person’s travel dreams come true and provide

moments that will live in their memory for a lifetime. In the words of Maya Angelou,“People will forget what

you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Kris Kringle loves to Tinggle: Click here to send your Tinggly Gift Box in time for Christmas.

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